Sac SoulTalks-Choices 2019

By RJG Productions (other events)

Saturday, March 16 2019 1:00 PM 4:15 PM PST

An afternoon of connection, inspiration, and exploration

with host Jg Soul Messenger

featuring Ann Naimark and Ciana Keller

Jg Soul Messenger, (Host) - His SoulTalk is called "Unlimited Choices" 

Soul Messenger, Mystic (clairaudient and clairvoyant), Medium, Quantum Light Minister, Clear Channel Communicator and Visionary. His spiritual journey has brought him full circle from a mystical childhood to being a soul messenger. Jg's NDE (near death exzperience) from stage IV lymphoma and three week coma, resulted in his spiritual transformation. Upon awakening from his neurological sleep, Jg began to heal quickly;  mentally, physically, but most importantly, spiritually.
Jg says that it was part of his soul contract to do this “check in” to decide if he would return and become a clearer channel… a soul messenger.

It was the beginning of Jg Soul Messenger's present life’s plan. Since then he has channeled his Higher Self, received automatic writings from the "Federation of Souls" ( a collective group of Enlightened Beings in other dimensions), read for several hundred people, created spiritually transformative workshops both stateside and Hawaii, Spain and Mexico. 


Jg says, "I now know beyond a shadow of doubt that all of it comes from Divine Intelligence/GOD, the Creator. I am one of God’s soul messengers that he has led on this path to discovery".
"It is my desire to be a soul messenger that inspires others to awaken to their true nature and unlimited potential , through my channeling, readings, inspired spiritual workshops, plays, music and poetry. I believe that is why I'm still here after all my close encounters with death". 

Ann Naimark - Her SoulTalk is called "Choose Love Choose Life"

From growing up in an atheist home, to wondering in 10th grade if her parents really knew the truth about Spirit, to exploring Hatha Yoga, reading New Age books and taking healing classes in her 20's,  Ann has been on this exciting, varied journey called by Spirit, into experiences of Spirit.  Hanging out with an Indian guru for a couple years, meditating with the Buddhists, studying the mystics and teachings of different disciplines, Ann explored and grew as a spiritual person. She became a masseuse, an RN, then an MFT (marriage and family therapist).  She has had a therapy practice for about 25 years.  Her therapy evolved into working with Spirit, with clients who wanted to, and she grew in being able to channel wonderful Light Beings who came to help the clients.  She is able to sense, see, hear and feel what Spirit is bringing to heal clients and at times, Light Language comes through. Her joy is in helping others tune in more deeply to the Spirit within, to who they are as members of Source's family.

Ciana Keller - Her SoulTalk is called "I Choose Love"

is a balanced health educator. She has books marinating in her heart, patiently waiting to share and honor her journey. She has been a peaceful birth advocate since 2001, teaching balanced birth. Her heart centered approach has opened many doors integrating natural childbirth, homeschooling and Young Living essential oil‘s. She stays connected with the community, building relationships one heart at a time. She has been married for 20 years and parenting since 2001, with three children ages 17, 14 and 7. She always wants to be a part of the party!

She chooses life, chooses love and finds a way to create a party out of any theme! She embraces balance and growth as an every day opportunity to pay attention to seven areas of her life. Whether it be fitness, faith, friends, fun, family, finance or field, she chooses to stay Zen in the midst of the journey and finds what is going right… Going to love and gratitude to accelerate all that she does. Welcome Ciana Keller as she invites you to consider… Where you started and how you have choices in all that you do. 


Lisa Cochran - Her SoulTalk is called " My Journey of Adversity and Perseverence"

Artist - Sandra Warne