Sac SoulTalks - Connecting Heart to Heart 2019

By RJG Productions (other events)

Saturday, February 16 2019 1:00 PM 4:00 PM PST

An Afternoon of speakers, music, poetry, connection and joy

hosted by Jg Soul Messenger -  Inspirational Speaker and Spiritual Life Coach (


Lani O. Pascual - Mother, Soldier, Spirit. 

Her SoulTalk is called, "Leading with Your Heart."

By day, I am a public affairs sergeant and executive assistant to the commander of the California National Guard Counterdrug Task Force. I manage calendars, media, and the stories of our service men and women: journalist, photographer and videographer for the military. 

In presence, I am a maturing soul; a messenger of light. My story is a life-long emergence from the world we inherit toward the world our higher-selves are creating. The lessons I experience, the patterns I document, the shifts I observe become the message of positive, inclusive possibility our inherited world is missing.

What I’ve been led to contribute in this lifetime is this message; why I am uniquely blessed as the vehicle to gift it: juxtaposition. I am an eternal student and have seemingly held every job under the sun. My path has arrived at learning reiki, voice and sound healing and beyond. I walk around in combat boots, but my wings extend beyond the uniform I wear. Where most wouldn’t expect, I hold the space and speak the words so their spirit may resonate, acknowledge or store.

But, what people miss and what I most want to share is my journey: the parallels of my struggles and questions with theirs, and the peace and renewal I’ve found along the way. I am the reminder that we can exist on this journey, all at once, as normal but special, worldly and divine, unfinished yet complete.


Sandi Russi - is a certified Ananda Yoga Instructor, E-RYT, and has been a student of A Course in Miracles for 12 years.

Her SoulTalks is called: "Removing the Obstacles to the Awareness of Loves Presence."

She has been teaching yoga for over 18 years, helping others to gently open to the peace within. Since its founding in 2002, Sandi has been teaching at one of the oldest studios in town, the Sacramento Yoga Center. She has taught yoga at Ananda, the YMCA, The Yoga Solution, East Sac Yoga, Rise Yoga Studio, Clarity Academy of Spiritual Arts, Natomas Charter School and for the Homeschool Association of California. In 2015, Sandi acquired East Sac Yoga from fellow instructor, Cecily Stofle, and currently teaches 5 classes a week. She also works with private clients and groups as well as offering monthly special focus classes such as Restorative Yoga, Yoga of Miracles, and Aroma-Bliss Yoga, incorporating pure, therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance and deepen the experience.

 In addition to teaching yoga, in 2003, Sandi founded W.I.S.H.: Waldorf-Inspired Sacramento Homeschoolers when she began the homeschooling journey with her son, Noah, and later, also her oldest son, Ryan. As WISH grew, a vision of a one-day-a-week program of classes specifically for homeschoolers arose and in 2009, Sandi founded Wholistic Learning Resources. Over the years, the program has grown and currently offers classes at three locations, bringing homeschooling families and excellent teachers together for art, science, woodworking, handwork, musical theatre, gardening, outdoor education and other wholistic, hands-on classes. 

 Sandi has been married to her loving husband, Tim Godby, for 21 years. Together, they have four grown sons: Ryan, Joshua, Adrian and Noah, ranging in age from 22 to 31.