Sac SoulTalks - Mission Accomplished 2018

By RJG Productions (other events)

Saturday, August 18 2018 1:00 PM 4:30 PM PST

An afternoon of speakers, music, art, conversation, and mystery!

Jg Soul Messenger - Sac SoulTalks Co-Producer and Host

Rev. Christina Margo -  founder of Love and Light Blessings is an advocate of Growth and Expansion. She was ordained in October of 2001  Since then she has expanded her knowledge and expertise in the area of health, business, and spiritual growth. Reverend Christina is currently working on delivering a program to assist parents of children with special needs. She has touched many lives as a Spiritual Counselor, in her Mortgage business and on a daily basis as she ministers as part of who she is.  Her SoulTalk is called, "Mission Accomplished - from Head to Heart".

Kelly Poland -   is a compassionate soul who seeks to deeply connect with others. With creative training in graphic design and spiritual training in energy medicine, her vision for the world is one of authenticity. She is a mother of two sons, consciously raising them from the heart. Kelly is a radiant light and a young shaman bringing her gift of divine connection to the world. Her SoulTalk is called, "The Little Big Trip".

Hannah Zackney -  is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Meditation Fanatic specializing in Women’s Issues. She is the creator of Heart Wide Open, which includes Women’s Empowerment Workshops and Intensive Groups. These programs are designed to lead women back home to the deepest parts of themselves with a tribe of female support.  Hannah believes passionately in the intelligence of the body and that when the body is at peace, it will heal on its own. Her SoulTalk is called, "My Sensitivity is My Superpower!"

Jon Merriman - Guitarist

Allison Tomei - Guest Artist