Sac SoulTalks - Gratitude Gathering 2018

By RJG Productions (other events)

Saturday, November 17 2018 12:30 PM 4:30 PM PST


An afternoon of speakers, music, art, conversation and mystery.

Hosted by Jg Gonsalves with. Aureya Magdelan, Judy Guadalupe, Kim Fong-Hom, Reverend Penelope Clement. Also Dena McKitrick and Jon Merriman.

Aureya Magdalen - is a Marriage and Family Counselor who specializes in guiding people to use their intuitive skills to walk through their enlightenment process.
She is the creator and head teacher at MAGDALEN UNIVERSITY, ENERGY WORK AND PSYCHIC READING SCHOOL FOR PRACTITIONERS in Sacramento and Online. Next MAGDALEN UNIVERSITY Courses begin February 2019 - Sacramento and Online

COME MEET ONE OF YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES- We will invite one of your Spirit Guides in and I will assist you to get to know them. They want to help you every day, it is part of their learning path. 

Judy Guadalupe - is the founder of Freeing our Goddance and Sacred Art of Sound; classes, sessions,retreats and gatherings to co-create “atmospheres of awakening” where people align with their soul gifts and are inspired and encouraged to step fully in to their soul work.
She offers vibrational sound therapies that "tune up" our physical bodies to the frequency of our Lightbody's so anxiety turns to passion and depression to vitality and expanded soul knowing. Supporting the transformation of emotions like anger and fear to fierce love in action and unconditional love. Sessions include a Monochord table “tune-up,” tuning forks, toning, bowls and light language to support full divine embodiment.  Her office, The Sacred Art of Sound, is located on J St. in Sacramento.

Kim Fong-Hom - is a 3rd and 5th generation Sacramentan. As she was experimenting in life, her previous chapters consists of two bachelor degrees in Finance and Insurance and work experience in the arenas of accounting, finance, human resources, legal work, and mortgage banking. In January 2018, Kim left the business world to create "Embody Your Joyful Essence." As an energy healer and soul-inspired teacher, she loves to guide others to resurface and embody their joyful essence.

Rev. Penelope Clement-  is an artist who creates tarot and oracle decks.  She creates a painting for each card, channels the message, and publishes the decks. She has just completed TREE TALK ORACLE CARDS.  This makes 5 decks she has made since she started in 1999.  Over the years she has discovered that not only does she create the paintings, the paintings are creating her.  For her SoulTalk she will be sharing paintings and the story of how they worked with her.