Sac SoulTalks -Bursting Forth 2018

By RJG Productions (other events)

Saturday, July 21 2018 1:00 PM 4:30 PM PST

An afternoon of speakers, art, music, poetry, group sharing and mystery!   Hosted by Jg Gonsalves.  with:

Rachael Dardano - Internal Wisdom
CEO, Founder and

Through her work she helps individuals connect with their own truth; she develops a lifestyle of self-care program designed to create optimal wellness specific to their needs. She utilizes 20+ years of clinical background experience combined with 8 years of holistic wellness training to meet their client’s individual emotional and physical needs. 

Having a drive to inspire self-healing through self-love, Rachael boldly challenges the current health system through natural processes of bio individualized services.  She conveys her deeply personal accounts of survival and recovery and created Internal Wisdom to provide a safe space for people to drop their sh*t. Since 2010, she has expanded Internal Wisdom from a small colon-hydrotherapy center to a robust healing sanctuary that supports clients through diet, nutrition, cleanse and detox programs, stress management, emotional balance, and energetic guidance. Her mission is to provide a safe and playful environment encouraging optimal wellness, naturally.

While she loves working with individuals, she also enjoys bringing wellness to the corporate level, including companies like CalPERS, Intel, and Sol Flow Yoga. Her educational history includes certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and International School for Colon Hydrotherapy, as well as in Reiki II, Quantum Reflex Analysis, Hormone Health, and bio-energetic counseling from NES Health. She received her BSBA in Business Administration and worked for 20 years in clinical diagnostic and genetic testing fields.

Her unique, direct, yet playful presence will allow you to feel seen, heard, and cared for.

Her Passion – continuing to practice being present with compassion and gentle humor as she guides people to accept their own true self and brings their health to optimal wellness, mind, and body.  She loves camping and playing with her three teenage daughters, cooking creative and healthy foods, and passion for learning.

Internal Wisdom:    916.817.4407

Tracy J Preciado - is a fearless motivator who believes every individual has a unique voice that needs to be heard. From early on Tracy has been a powerful force that holds nothing back. As the owner of Introspection, Tracy delivers a fearless message that will rock your world. She brings a strong and compassionate perspective known to stay with you well beyond the aha moment.
Tracy has an uncanny ability to see possibilities within people and roles that others previously thought impossible. She helps you uncover an entirely new way of approaching your world with a mindset of fearlessness and a bias for action.
Tracy has spent the last several years becoming educated and certified in all things that make her qualified on paper. You can read all about these qualifications on LinkedIn. More to the point, what makes Tracy phenomenal are the facts of life. Her practical, real-world style makes her candid, approachable and tons of fun. This is why Tracy J Preciado is often referred to as "The Party" because she brings all of the joy life has to offer to everyone she meets.

Tracy Preciado MA, CPXP, PCC
Fearlessness Coach



Reverend Karene Piccolo

Guitarist - Jon Merriman


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